Spirit will no longer be participating with Snip $ 25 spay and neuter program until further notice.

Rock cave with 3 straw dog houses in a natural setting like they are used to. Lucy (red dog) front of cave. Rashee is so timid she stays mostly in a cave during the day but she is adjusting as now she is barking to protect her home.

Sheba eating at the feeding station

Sheba on top of one of her favorite rocks

Brandy’s Bark Park named after their deceased mother. Lucy in the distance.

Mae and Ricky

SHEBA, RASHEE AND LUCY  ( RED DOG) are all with us at the sanctuary in their enclosure of  over 1 1/2 acre with rock caves and straw dog houses, pool , feeding station and pond. they seem to be content being fed 2 xs a day and their caregiver spending time with them. No more being hungry or being shot at and we are happy we do not need to go to Happy Valley everyday hoping they have not been run off and would come to eat and drink. here is the last puppy out of Happy Valley, RICKY with her new friend Mae. Lauren from our advisory council took her to give her a forever home.

Our beloved senior citizen Maddie has gone to join her mate Spirit.
No more pain to endure. she was spirit 2be frees  poster gal.
Lucky 7 our 30 inch blue eyed, 30 year old mini on his daily walk