Happy new year everyone !!  Let us count our blessings.  So much has happened, some good, some bad, some sad, some joyful. Time has flown by and now it is a new year. With the passing of my dearest friend Rita we have had to adjust and so has Charlotte, Rita’s sister-in-law who has replaced Rita in helping the sanctuary.

We have worked on projects at the sanctuary last year . One was installing a new large generator. We need one in case we have an outage like we did in 2018 for 17 days plus other shorter outages. We kept our fingers crossed and our old generator  kept working.  Rita told us to install a new one in the summer of 2019. What a blessing not to have to worry.  Rita was a blessing always wanting to help us. We miss her terribly.

God called for Molly. She was a long time resident given to us in 2006 by a lady with cancer. We adopted her out but the parents were so protective of their child and they would not let Molly who was so gentle near her so we took her back and kept her. Everyone loved her so much. She was the sweetest girl and our hearts break in losing her. She will always be in our hearts. Someday we will all be together again.

One day around 3 months ago this black cat appeared. It was small so we thought it was a girl,we  called her Donna. No one wanted to get near her as she acted crazy then we realized it was a tom cat. We thought of placing him but Leroy our cat who does not care for other cats since his old buddy tuxedo died liked this cat. We call him Donnie.  He was nasty but now he is letting us pet him and feed him without striking out. He was so starved for affection. We were able to get him fixed, wormed and vaccinated. He does not look so little anymore but quite large as he has gained weight.  That wild look is slowing going away from his eyes.