News for March, 2017

In loving memory here is an update of some of the animals we loved and cared for who made the sanctuary their home until until crossing over the rainbow bridge.

Wes a thoroughbred gelding who was going to be euthanized we gave him 6 more years of a happy life, 2014

Sam our hound dog passed in our living room sept 2014

Peter our pig also oct 2014

Peni our beautiful pom, she loved life 2015

Tina our chihuahua in 2016, veterinarians error

Tuxedo our old cat also. He waited until i got home one day to say goodbye and he slipped away and angel his girlfriend has been so lonely without him.

Scrappy daughter of our beloved blondie passed in feb 2016 from a throat tumor.

Pugsley our little man jan 2016

Kirby feral dog and her pack  2016

A very special dog I have been trying to catch for fourteen months. I named the sanctuary after him, Spirit to be free. Spirit is old, crippled, and very wise. He used to come everyday to a certain place for food until his son was killed. I could have caught his son, but I thought Dad would be all alone so I tried for both, but Spirit ended up alone anyway.

Blondie, we first saw trucking down the highway looking for food, a rack of bones. I tried to leave food and water everyday at places I thought she would pass. I would see her every couple of weeks, then I found her under this shed. I was told by the man who has her daughter and granddaughter that she had never been touched by anyone. She was as feral as they come. I fed her everyday for over a year.

Today she is a happy dog. We go for one hour walks at dawn and dusk. She has made some friends, one by one and we all go out together and she kisses her friends and paddles her feet instead of slinking around. She loves to be petted but she has a ways to go. We want her to integrate with some of the other dogs so she can live with them instead of in her own quarters. This is such a reward to see her happy and gaining weight and showing her personality. We thank god for helping her and us.

He belonged to a homeless woman, who bred dogs, but I received them because she would have the dogs killed if there were too many. I spayed or neutered them, had them vaccinated, and then placed them. I took Bobo with another male Great Dane, who now has a wonderful home with the man from the market who helped rescue Maddie. Bobo was full of maggots crawling in his wounds. He is crippled because of beatings, but he loves to play with toys.

Peter (Girlfriend Lily on Right)
A large potbelly pig abused by his owners. He ran away and lived in the brush for 2 ½ months during the rains and fought off coyotes, as he is a white pig and easy to spot. I looked for him when I heard he ran away, and had friends helping search all the brush in the hills in our area, to no avail. Then he was spotted, and I set a trap but couldn’t catch him. Then I cried and said, “God help me.” The next call I made was the answer to my prayer. Peter was so tired, he had wandered into someone’s yard, who called the Humane Society. I went to the Humane Society and brought him home. He was full of deep cuts, deaf from beatings by his owners, and he had pneumonia. At first, he was mean, but with TLC, he is a sweet pig who loves being brushed and rolls over to get his belly rubbed. Finally, he is trusting again.

Lily is “Peter the pig’s” girlfriend. A ranch hand brought Lily to The Sanctuary to keep Peter company. Lily and Peter have their own stall and run around the barn together.

Booty our crippled white mini has passed on April 3, 2012. He will not be in pain anymore and can run and play again in horse heaven. I believe we will all be together one day.

Gypsy was  a 31 year old mare who came to “SPIRIT TO BE FREE” to retire. Gypsy was a thoroughbred mare. She used to be a racehorse but she couldn’t run fast enough and they drugged her but lived the remainder of her life drug free.