The weather has been so bad that we mostly cleaned our drains, filled in ruts and maintained.  Gratefully, the weather appears to be getting better.

Lauren Simpson and Linda Hughes were voted to be on the board of directors by a special meeting and we are doing away with the advisory council. Lauren had printed some business cards for the board that she designed.

We have had a problem with our insurance as we were not given a re-newal by farmers because of two claims as we had water damage.  We had new insurance but everyone wanted to cancel as they thought we were commercial with the public going in and out.  We have never had the sanctuary open to the public and only years ago we had 3 events and that is the only times we have let the public in and we made them sign a waiver.

We have cut way back and we are not actively adopting out nor taking in animals except in emergencies. We are focused on making the lives of our older remaining animals comfortable and happy.  Many people with land  have just as many animals as we do and have people feed and clean but do not have a 501c3 designation.  The insurance companies felt we had signs and so looked more like a commercial operation.  Many people name their places.  We can take down our signs.  Next they do not like the size of our main barn as it is too large.  All we have in that barn are 7 horses who spend the night  in there and are out in pasture during the day and we have a feed room.

We have been working on this for months and finally got an insurance commitment for this year.  We will see what next year brings.  Very disappointing as we try to help the animals and maintain an extra clean place and materials used that are fireproof and trees always trimmed and weeds cut. Most of our animals are old and happy and so we are grateful for this.

Everything is for our 4-legged friends.