IN memory of LAIKA, this is her story;
LAIKA was shivering in the snow, bleeding and rescued by us and taken to the vet.  she had been badly abused that she could no longer control her bowels and was bleeding from there. we never thought of putting her up for adoption because of her condition. when this wonderful couple, friends of another rescue heard of her they wanted to meet her. they fell in love with her and she with them. they centered their life around her. getting mama to cook her meals. had hospital bedding for her to sleep on in the house. they had to manually get her to urinate .the husband arranged his work schedule to help her. this was many years ago. when they took her home. she was their PRINCESS LAIKA, she was so beautiful and was so loved by the family.

She just passed oct. 22, 2018 and we are sure she will wait for her family one day to join her.

We took Frosty out of a shelter. she was placed there when her mom died and her relatives did not want her. We immediately placed her with a lady we know with the understanding we will take care of her dental work. She will be at the sanctuary 5 days a week for doggie day care while her new person works. We all decided this a  dog that is almost perfect in temperament and looks. she is such a  joy!