We keep  posting all the animals passing. that is because we are a senior citizen and abused animals sanctuary.  Most here left have a life estate.  Most animals that are healthy and younger we place right away.  Today oct. 25, Cody passed. He was old, crippled and partially blind. He lasted longer then we expected and did well but he finally could not walk and in a lot of pain. His girlfriend Tiarra was crying for him until she saw his body then knew he went to a better place and accepted his death. We will miss him. He was a mellow old man.

RITA SHAKIN passed oct 13, 2019. i anne firestone am personally heartbroken. she was my best friend and like a sister to me since we were young. The last few years we were in contact daily.  I know she is in a better place and with her belovedPhilip again but it is devastating the loss I feel.  She was a special person and I have had the privilege to be her friend.   She had a wonderful sense of humor.  She is having a simple service but an event will be held in her honor to celebrate her life.  Charlotte her sister in law  is organizing the celebration of Rita.  Rita has helped us here at the sanctuary so much and helped other animal and worthwhile causes.  Charlotte will continue to help us at the sanctuary honoring Ritas wishes.  Rita was so proud of Charlotte as a person and her work with native plants.   We are so blessed.  Rita always said how fortunate we are to even enjoy pictures of places on earth and the animals, to be able to see all this beauty .  A part of me is with her and she with me thank you Rita, we are all so blessed.

Criquette our long time resident passed.  The veterinarian said she would  live 6 months with surgery.  We decided she was too old and the surgery would be too hard on as recovery would be 2 months.  She was happy until the end.  She went another year and a half. We miss her as she was very vocal wanting to communicate and it seems so quiet now.   She was a Finnish Spitz.  That is why she always talked to keep us informed about what was going on around us.