Some rescued animals have a permanent home at the sanctuary. We try to place most of our animals, but some are not adoptable.  We spayed, neuter, rehab, and then try to place the dogs and cats in safe loving homes. Most of the horses cannot leave, as they are crippled or too old, so they need sponsors to support their stay at the sanctuary.

We also go out each day and feed stray dogs. There are currently 6 and we try to make a shelter for them in the brush during the winter.

I place the animals when I can, which are most of them I rescue, but some need sponsors. Please help these beautiful creatures of God. He did not intend for them to suffer.

These animals are available, for you to sponsor. Here are some of their stories.

Active Sponsorships:


Maddie dog who was spirits mate has health issues but is still here.


Quinones is visiting with us until his mom can rebuild her home which was burned by fire. He is an Indian dog. He has had a tragic life and we were afraid he would not be able to defend himself alone at the burn site. So, we brought him to the sanctuary. He has one eye missing and has had some very cruel things done to him by strangers. When we met him a couple of years ago his leg was badly infected so we had it operated on to help out his mom. He has a very large scar on his lower back from one side to the other. Even after all he has been through he still loves people and other animals.


These cute puppies will be ready to adoption soon. We assist with medical attention along with placement with other rescue groups. Their parents are also being taken care of offsite.

Rainy loves attention and being fed carrots by hand. Rainy enjoys the safe environment as he is blind.

Ruby Red Mule
Ruby, a mini mule, is The Sanctuary’s mascot! She is full of spunk and runs and plays like a puppy. She doesn’t seem to know that she is a mule! The vet who suggested she come to The Sanctuary knew this would be the perfect place for Ruby.

A male gelding, approximately twenty-eight years old, and crippled with Navicular Disease.

A female Mini Mare, chestnut colored, and approximately seventeen years old, foundered when dogs attacked her.

A male grey gelding Mini approximately twenty years old, foundered by too much green grass.

Age 15 white arab who was sent to us with another horse ranger who is now deceased.  Her prior owner had a heart condition and asked us to care for them, he has since passed.